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C. Phoenix Tyler Rising Stars



C. Phoenix Tyler is the Executive Director and Founder of C. Phoenix Tyler Rising Stars.
C. Phoenix Tyler Rising Stars is a 501(c)3 performing and visual arts entertainment company founded in 2004 (formerly Blue Sky Rhythm Productions). Our goal is to raise social awareness, educate and entertain    in order to build  and strengthen communities globally. We have serviced over 10,000 students.
We offer:
*The Fundamentals of Acting Level I. Students will perform a stage play.
*The Fundamentals of Dancing Level I. Students will learn various dance techniques and perform in a dance recital.
*Kente Cloth Workshop. Students will create their own kente cloth.  
*Touring Performances. We will perform for you. Throughout the year, we perform many educational plays. Contact us to see how we can customize a program or a production for you.                              Call (773) 499-8838.

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