From Slavery to the White House





"From Slavery to the White House" is riveting. It is a must see! "From Slavery to the White House" takes the audience down a journey through time. Beginning in Africa, the actors travel through every era to the present day with President Barack Obama being in office a second term. You are guaranteed to laugh and have fun while enjoying this incredible" historical journey through time.


The play was excellent! Well written, informative and funny. Fantastic job.

      -Chicago Bulletin Newspaper


Tyler uses a mixture of history, comedy and emotion to make this play a good time for all ages and races.

     -Tru Star Magazine


This amazing play is a must-see for the whole family.

     -South Suburban Standard Newspaper/

                     South Suburbs/Chicago


The Show was fantastic. The actors were great.

      -Tre Magazine (Houston)


Excellent performance! Stellar performance. Everyone should see this performance.

      -Ms. J (Detroit)