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   From Slavery to the White House





"From Slavery to the White House" is riveting. It is a must see! "From Slavery to the White House" takes the audience down a journey through time. Beginning in Africa, the actors travel through every era to the present day. You will cry, laugh and have fun while enjoying this incredible" historical journey through time.


The play was excellent! Well written, informative and funny. Fantastic job.

      -Chicago Bulletin Newspaper


Tyler uses a mixture of history, comedy and emotion to make this play a good time for all ages and races.

     -Tru Star Magazine


This amazing play is a must-see for the whole family.

     -South Suburban Standard Newspaper/

                     South Suburbs/Chicago


The Show was fantastic. The actors were great.

      -Tre Magazine (Houston)


Excellent performance! Stellar performance. Everyone should see this performance.

      -Ms. J (Detroit)











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